Climate Action Hub Telford

Who are we?

Climate Action Hub Telford is a local charity aiming to provide the community of Telford and Wrekin with advice, support and information about the climate and ecological emergencies.

We want to set up a physical venue in the borough of Telford and Wrekin where we can provide services, support, workshops, advice and information.

What will Climate Action Hub offer?

Climate Action Hub Telford will:

  • provide a physical space for the citizens of Telford and Wrekin to come together to undertake local, community-based action about the climate crisis.
  • The services and support we will offer will aim to reduce waste through the following principles: repair what can be fixed; refuse things you do not need; reduce those you do need; reuse things, rot (compost) what you can; and finally recycle what’s left.

We will provide services to support people to reduce their consumption, waste and carbon and ecological footprints including:

  • A Library of Things where you can hire items for a small charge to share resources and reduce the need to buy new things. For example, hire some DIY equipment to complete a home decorating project, or gardening equipment to tackle a job in the garden etc.
  • A Zero Waste Swap Shop to reduce consumption and reuse products including books, DVD’s, clothes, toys, games, household items etc. You can swap items or give a pay as you can donation.
  • Grow-Your-Own Swap Shops to support people to grow their own food in partnership with Transition Telford’s existing seed swaps, plant swaps, harvest swaps. We will also provide a garden scrap store (using pre-used packaging as gardening resources).
  • We will partner with other groups to promote circular economy schemes such a Telford Repair Cafe who repair items including IT equipment, electrical equipment, damaged items etc.

We will offer workshops:

  • To help people understand the climate and ecological emergencies and how to reduce their carbon and ecological footprints.
  • Where people can share their own experiences of adapting their homes and gardens to reduce their carbon footprints and increase biodiversity, discuss renewable energy and green transport options etc.
  • To help people learn how to grow their own food including how to compost food and garden waste.

We will offer a supportive, learning and creative space:

  • We will organise a climate cafe to offer a safe space for people to discuss their feelings about the climate crisis.
  • We will provide a resources hub/ bookstore providing books, magazines and on-line materials relating to eco subjects, strategies and actions you can take to promote ethical and sustainable living and reduce your carbon and ecological footprint (e.g. linking to the Mossy Life Guide to Sustainable Shropshire).
  • People can come along to do zero carbon arts and craft activities such as knitting, weaving, sewing and art projects which use waste.

We will offer a space for collaboration

  • People will also be able to hire the venue as a meeting place for associated projects and groups to use and collaborate to help make Telford and Wrekin a zero carbon community.

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